Ice Cubes, Without the Edges

0 Comments 26 July 2013

Maybe you’ve never considered the shape of your ice cubes before, but you’ve surely noticed when they melt quickly and dilute your drink? That’s no fun, especially when you’re sipping a carefully crafted cocktail, or a strong whiskey on one of these hot, hot days we’ve had lately.

Spherical Ice Cube from Tovolo Mold

In bars and restaurants I’ve noticed a trend towards much larger ice cubes recently, and it’s really a smart idea. Why use 10 small ice cubes that will melt in 5 minutes when you can use one giant ice cube that’ll keep your drink cold, and strong, longer?

Spherical Ice Cube from Tovolo Mold

We recently got a new line of silicone ice cube trays into Local Root, including a Tovolo mold for a spherical ice cube. It’s just like the over-sized ones I mentioned seeing in restaurants, but it’s round, which for some strange reason really adds to the appeal. It’s not every day you have a perfectly round orb floating in your drink!

Spherical Ice Cube from Tovolo Mold

Next time you pour yourself a drink, why not consider kicking it up a notch with one of these?

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