Dinner Series is a dinnerware blog brought to you by Didriks, a houseware company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We at Didriks decided that just writing just about the dinnerware isn’t enough to inspire, you, our customers with the products in our store. It was important to show how the items at Didriks look and feel when used in an actual dinner service.

Dinner Series is a way for us to not only discover how best to display the items to inspire you, but also to find out first hand what it’s like to use the products in a kitchen or a dining room. The added bonus, of course, is that we surround ourselves with amazing products and see for ourselves just how amazing (or not) they are.

Perhaps some might argue that this is a frivolous, materialistic, indulgent endeavor. I agree. Beautiful table settings have no use beyond our enjoyment and amazing dinner parties are an end in themselves. And that’s just the point. Surrounding our lives with beautiful things, eating delicious food, and drinking fine wines, we believe, are the things that make life an act of living and living well rather than surviving.
Or put another way: “We don’t feed, we dine. We don’t water, we wine.”

Dinner Series is updated regularly with news of our events. We offer details on the recipes (resulting in culinary successes and sometimes saved failures), the wines enjoyed, news on our fellow diners, and instructions on how to set the culinary stage, the table setting, that is the backdrop for our incredible dinners.

We also report on events around town like Boston Taste and in-store events like our Summer Cocktail Series. We love to see what others are cooking up and drinking and get inspired to try it ourselves.

Let our dinners be an inspiration point for you to recreate or re-imagine unforgettable evenings like ours in your dining room.

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