Beer, Local Brew Series 2012

Local Brew Series, Part 3: Jack’s Abby

No Comments 22 August 2012

We’re back with the Local Brew Series today, reviewing yet another local brewer, Jack’s Abby Brewing from Framingham MA. Founded officially in January 2011, this brewery was founded by three beer-loving brothers – Jack, Eric and Sam. What has become evident over the course of making this Local Brew Series is that many (all?) craft brewers start their “careers” home-brewing, and the real business is born out of that. Jack’s Abby is no different – Jack began experimenting with home brews when he was in college, and even harvested hops grown at their family farm in Vermont. Now approaching the anniversary of their second year of brewing, they continue to use high quality local ingredient and great recipes to make tasty and authentic beer.

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Beer, Local Brew Series 2012

Local Brew Series, Part 2: Mystic Brewery

No Comments 15 August 2012

There are many new craft brewers in the Greater Boston area, all working hard to find their defining characteristic, something that sets them apart from the pack – perhaps perfecting a certain type of brew, a certain style or method or technique that makes them and their products unique. It seems impossible that of all our local brewers, there can be enough defining features to give each brewer the upper hand, yet they’re all still trying, and it seems to be working.

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Beer, Local Brew Series 2012

Local Brew Series, Part 1: Backlash Beer Co.

No Comments 08 August 2012

In the past year or so, we’ve noticed an overwhelming trend towards craft beer production and consumption. Craft brewers are popping up everywhere, craft beer is being widely publicized, a fondness and appreciation for craft beer seems to be growing, and the camaraderie between brewers and drinkers alike is going strong.  Especially in the Greater Boston Area, we’ve seen the emergence of some really spectacular brewers, and we thought it’d be great fun to sample some beers, photograph those beers in select top notch Didriks products, meet some brewers, and then come back here to share it with you.

[Pictured: Match Pewter Tray and Coasters, Chilewich Kona Placement in Iron]

For our first feature this week, we’ll begin with Backlash Beer Co. and their Groundswell Belgian Style Blond Ale. We shot this beer in a Kosta Boda Chateau Grande Beer glass – a wonderfully lightweight and effortlessly elegant glass. Groundswell is a Belgian-style ale brewed with four different varieties of malt, which we’re told contributes to the golden color of the beer. It has a slight malty-sweetness, a tinge of citrus, and a wonderfully smooth mouth-feel. Very easy to drink! Continue Reading

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