Dinner 14: Didriks & Friends, Table Settings

Sometimes Take Out Says I care. I care A Lot a lot.

No Comments 14 September 2011

By Hairee Lee

Al Fresco BBQ Buffet. Notice the cool and closed grill in the background. Yup. That's how we roll at Dinner Series. Well, sometimes.

Especially when it’s served like this! Makes me want to go, “Hee Haw!” at the sight of food looking this good.

But let’s backtrack a bit. It’s not that we didn’t care. Oh no, that’s not it in the least. That we got takeout for this Dinner Series event especially for the Dinner Series and Didriks team and friends had nothing to do with caring or not caring.

Actually, the fact that Jonathan suggested Red Bones BBQ with all the fixings, I think, was a testament to just how much we care. And, well, just how much we all work!

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Dinner 14: Didriks & Friends, Wine & Beer

Beer ‘n’ Cheese, Oh Pretty Please!

No Comments 14 September 2011

By Hairee Lee

Pretty Things Jack D'Or & St. Bardolph's Town

Pretty Things Beer & Ugly (But Tasty) Cheeses

For this trip to Central Bottle, we talked to Tiana DAmico to help us select the beers for our company BBQ dinner. Later at the check out counter, I ask Tiana when she started working at Central Bottle (a year ago) and how she got this job, that is, did she need to have a degree or certification to be a wine and beer consultant?

Tiana DAmico of Central Bottle

She says no. She’s self taught, she explains with a totally un-ironic smile. She’s just been doing it for over 20 years, by which I assume she means she’s been enjoying wines and beers and fine foods as a discipline for a while. Or: she knows what she’s talking about.

* * *

I’d been curious about Pretty Things beers for several weeks partly for their funky hand designed labels and partly for being a Somerville brewery. Dinner Series is always interested in local businesses. This one is founded by Dann and Martha Paquette: the husband brews the beers and the wife creates all the art work on the bottles and their brand spanking and totally funky website.

[Pretty Things] Jack D’Or was the winner to enjoy for pretty (haha) much any meal, any time.

Tiana suggested the Pretty Things Jack D’Or, a golden colored beer as the name would suggest, and St. Bardolph’s Town. Central Bottle carries 4 of the 15 different kinds of Pretty Things. But Tiana felt that the rich flavors of a BBQ would be best matched with those two beers.

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