Dinner 15: Ladies High Tea, Table Settings

Afternoon Tea Settings #2: Buffet Setting (incl. Samovar & tea setting)

4 Comments 17 October 2011

By Hairee Lee

Libeco Home Polylin Blend Tablecloth in Taupe overlaid with Libeco Home Vence Linen Tablecloth in Grape overlaid with Libeco Home Tribeca Tablerunner in Vanilla as the base for the buffet

It seemed like a minor miracle that all the goodies Laura made for the afternoon tea actually made it to the table. The self control that we exercised was impressive. (Especially mine. Usually when Laura’s cooking, I’m nibbling the whole time before dinner starts.)

Melissa put together a gorgeous buffet involving pedestals for vertical movement rather than just a horizontal spread, layered table linens, and beautiful servers by Pillivuyt, Match Pewter, and Simon Pearce. Continue Reading

Dinner 15: Ladies High Tea

The Gift Bag: Sponsors of Ladies’ High Tea

2 Comments 14 October 2011

By Hairee Lee

Our fundraising event wouldn’t have looked as beautiful or our gift bags filled with anything if not for the generosity of our sponsors who donated their talent and time. Every person save one is an entrepreneur and trying to make successful their small business in the tough economy. So their generosity was particularly meaningful.

I chose to contact these particular people because I believe they have great products and services. Dinner Series loves to support local business and is a huge proponent of buying local. We hope that our guests enjoyed the treats in their gift bags and choose to support these great businesses in the future.
Continue Reading

Dinner 15: Ladies High Tea, Table Settings

Afternoon Tea Settings #1: Table Setting

No Comments 13 October 2011

By Hairee Lee

Including: Welcome, Amuse Bouche, & Donation Table

Table Setting

Table setting for afternoon tea featuring Jars Ceramics, Pillivuyt, & Sabre Paris

Every plate, cup, fork, spoon, tray, linen, every decorative detail from the trimming and the flowers, every display and combination decision was made by Melissa Ragonese, our Visual Director and Table Stylist. This included the gift bags, the chair covers, even the name tag designs.

For this event the theme color was pink in recognition of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and its pink ribbon. Melissa managed to tread expertly between that fine line when using pink between saccharine and barbie-girlish to feminine and elegant. The pictures speak for themselves. Continue Reading

Dinner 15: Ladies High Tea

Fun & Fundraising: Ladies of High Tea

2 Comments 12 October 2011

By Hairee Lee

Candied almonds by Rago Events in the large Match Pewter oval lidded box as a sweet reward at the donation table for National Breast Cancer Foundation

I have never been seriously ill.

I’ve never broken a bone, caught a disease, or suffered an allergy. (Except for penicillin, which I’ve never needed because I’ve never fallen seriously ill or been broken from, say, a car crash or a falling accident.) I have a few scars, all of which are cosmetic. I eat whatever I want, drink more than most, and still manage to keep a fairly steady weight with a somewhat regular running routine. People often think I’m younger than I am and I don’t correct them. Good genes and quitting smoking helps a lot. And I’ve never had to endure the loss of a loved one. In fact, one of the first things I ever told my boyfriend when I first met him was, “Nothing bad ever happened to me.” Yet. Continue Reading

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