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Flavors of Fall

0 Comments 15 November 2013

Today we have a fun event recap to share, written by our new store manager Kathy! She was lucky enough to attend the Boston Chef event Flavors of Fall earlier this week, and here’s what she had to say!

I love to eat. I am so satisfied by the way food feels to me. It’s an experience to try new flavor combinations and surround myself by people who look at food the way I do. So when I had the opportunity to attend Boston Chef’s Flavors of Fall Event at Regattabar this past week I jumped at it. Pumpkin? Carrot? Maple? Cranberry? I was so there.

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Dinner 28: A Mid-Season Harvest

Dinner Series 28: A Midseason Harvest Menu

1 Comment 11 November 2013

The menu for our recent harvest-themed dinner was a simple one, but full of delicious bites. We picked a combination of scintillating recipes we found perusing online, recipes from our in-store cookbooks, and added in one old family favorite that everyone loves. The resulting meal was hearty and comforting, and a real harvest treat!

Alessi iglu Cheese Board and Revol Cheese Picks

We started with a cheese board that featured a tasty selection from Formaggio Kitchen. We had a mild, crumbly blue cheese, a creamy and fragrant brie, and a nutty aged cheddar from Cabot. We paired these with a Maine-based fresh cranberry mustard. Continue Reading

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Commonwealth Cambridge, Revisited

0 Comments 07 November 2013

Recently, we shared with you a preview of a new Kendall Square restaurant, Commonwealth Cambridge. This past weekend, we got to give the new spot a try, and are here to share a quick snapshot of the menu with you!

As a new restaurant, there are always a few hiccups, but the one thing that’s hardest to change is the food. I’m happy to report that almost every bite we tasted was quite good! The food was all well executed – meats cooked well, everything seasoned properly – and the serving pieces were clearly hand-picked. From mini Staub cocottes to cast iron pieces to stark white dinner plates, everything was different yet blended harmoniously to create a truly unique setting. Here’s a snapshot of the bites we tried!

Bread at CommonwealthComplimentary bread. Buttery and rich and completely indulgent, and served with soft whipped butter. Truly as good as it gets. Continue Reading

Dinner 28: A Mid-Season Harvest

Dinner Series 28: A Midseason Harvest Table

0 Comments 01 November 2013

With the start of the fall and holiday season always comes a Dinner Series event. This year, we took it out of the city, and headed off to a family home to set-up their dinner table and host a casual harvest sit-down meal.

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