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Common Winter Leafy Greens

No Comments 03 February 2013

When the days get short, and the nights drop below freezing, the selection of fresh produce plummets. Unlike at the peak of summer when you could stock your entire fridge with local fruits and veggies, in the winter you’re lucky to get your hands on much at all. Root vegetables and dark, leafy greens are the name of the game – but fortunately if you educate yourself a bit, you’ll find that there are a lot of leafy green veggies that actually hit their peak in this season, and with a variety of ways to prepare them they’ll never get old.

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Cooking Wines Decoded

No Comments 30 January 2013

As if it wasn’t already evident, we love cooking. Whether we’re serving a multi-course meal, laying out an overflowing buffet spread, or simply throwing together a quick meal on a weeknight, there’s really nothing like that time in the kitchen, and cranking out spectacular eats. There are many ways to elevate flavors in a dish, so many tactics and techniques to apply to achieve the perfect bite. One thing I really like to incorporate into my cooking is wine. Now wine too comes in so many different forms – fortified, not fortified, white, red, bold, subtle, smooth, oakey – that list goes on and on. There are many different characteristics you can seek out in cooking wine, so I thought it might be helpful to introduce some of the most popular cooking wines, and their best uses.

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