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Summer Cocktail Series 2011

Cocktail #2: Cream Soda

2 Comments 07 July 2011

Written by Hairee Lee

Just like how I remember it . . .

Remember back when you were a kid, you slugged your way into the corner store after riding your bike around the neighborhood all summer afternoon, and you wanted, no needed, something to drink real bad, and there was the slushy machine whirring away, humming its inexorable, irresistible serenade to your thirst like some Slushy Siren Song, when you didn’t know what a Siren was let alone a song by one, but you felt that desperate pull, as strong as a hunger pang or the sexual impulse, before you knew what real hunger or sex was even.

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Dinner 10: Seaside Supper

Fourth of July Weekend at Mama’s

2 Comments 06 July 2011

Written by Hairee Lee

Oh say, can you see [Mama’s house]?

For the Fourth of July weekend at a lovely home in Branford Conneticut, the Ragoneses and Wards gathered together to celebrate US’s 235th with the traditional New England clambake with a twist.1

For more pictures of the dinner go to our album on Flikr.

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  1. The twist being lobster, no clams, and the traditional corn on the cob, pearl onions, and chorizo replaced with saffron risotto and spinach salad. []

Dinner 7: A Farm to Table Holiday

The Table

No Comments 20 December 2010

Chef Robert Harris, owner & chef of Season to Taste Catering, invited us to the new Table at Season to Taste to sit down to a gourmet dinner, and although he provides perfectly suitable restaurant-style tableware to his customers, we decided to bring our own.

We chose to leave the large table mostly bare, skipping the tablecloth and using a single steel gray Libeco Home Vence tablerunner across the center of the table, leaving most of the wood surface exposed. This emphasizes Harris’ farm to table philosophy and the country kitchen feel of his dining table. For the rest of the table, we wanted something more sophisticated and urbane than a typical kitschy Christmas table setting to rest against the linen charcoal-like backdrop.

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Dinner 3: Burgers & Beer

The Food

No Comments 03 August 2010

For our third dinner we served organic hamburgers, corn-on-the-cob, salad with pea tendrils, bread, cheese, German potato salad, and a celestial bittersweet chocolate mousse.

The Davis Square farmer’s market in Somerville (May-Nov., Wednesdays 12-6 pm) satisfied most of our produce needs for the dinner party. We picked up some of sweetest corn I’ve ever had from the Nicewicz Family Farm and fresh greens for a salad, including some crisp pea tendrils from Flat’s Mentor Farm.

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