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Homemade Crepes

No Comments 26 April 2013

Last week I shared a recipe for homemade pasta, which we made the same day as these crepes.  I picked both recipes for their versatility, and the countless recipes you could come up with using either one as the base. I started the day off by making homemade pasta, a super savory recipe that just ached to be followed by something sweet.

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Homemade Fresh Pasta

No Comments 17 April 2013

Last week we cleared some space in Local Root, and got to work cooking up a storm. From time to time, I’ll leaf through our stock of cookbooks and pick out a few recipes that catch my eye, then we’ll make and photograph them for blog use (and often tasty afternoon snacks!). We recently acquired enough tools to host our cooking days right in the store, and it’s definitely been a lot of fun.

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Pressure Cooker Fun

No Comments 23 March 2013

Last week, we decided to have some fun in the Local Root store. We’ve been wanting to install our own test kitchen, but lack of space has prevented it – so the store manager did the only thing he could think to do: he went out and bought a portable induction burner!

The first project we decided to tackle with the new burner was testing a pressure cooker from our Kuhn Rikon line. We started carrying this line a couple of months ago, but hadn’t given them a try ourselves, so we gave one a go with a recipe from one of our cookbooks, Modernist Cuisine.

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How To Make Pâte a Choux

No Comments 12 March 2013

Recently I shared a tutorial on how to make pastry cream, so the next natural step was to make pâte a choux. Pâte a choux is a basic cooking technique, something that is relatively simple to assemble, and can be used in a variety of sweet and savory applications. The most well-known use of pâte a choux for sweet recipes is of course the cream puff or eclair. Pâte a choux puffs can be filled with any number of things – ice cream for profiteroles, pastry cream for eclairs, cream for cream puffs – and personally I think these applications show off the buttery, lighter-than-air texture best. But the base dough can also be used to make savory things like cheese puffs, often referred to as gougères, and also lend themselves ncely to a variety of herbs and spices.

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