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Bittersweet Chocolate Truffle Tart

No Comments 26 December 2012

Holiday desserts come in many different shapes and sizes. There are the traditional pies, decorated and festive cookies, and fruitcakes galore.  But my favorite kind of holiday desserts always include chocolate. This dessert is a fruit-and-chocolate hybrid, which has the best of both worlds -lusciously silky, smooth chocolate filling, and crunchy, tart cranberries.

This tart starts with a sweet pastry dough base, called a pate sucree, which is simple to make and just needs a bit of chilling time before it’s ready to use. The filling is a decadent chocolate/cream/butter combo, that gets poured into a par-baked tart shell, and finished off in the oven.

Bittersweet Chocolate Truffle Tart Continue Reading

Holiday Cookie Series 2012, Recipes

Ginger Molasses Cookies

No Comments 22 December 2012

Spicy molasses cookies are my holiday favorite. Ginger molasses, gingersnaps, ginger chews, gingerbread – anything that’s loaded with the warm spices of winter is a total home run in my book. So it was only natural that I wanted to feature this outstanding Ginger Molasses Cookie recipe from the Flour Bakery Cookbook. When possible for this blog, we love to do things locally – so the fact that this recipe comes from a local chef makes these cookies even better.

Ginger Molasses Cookies

Cookie scoop and Duralex glass bowl from Local Root

While these cookies are served in all of the Flour bakery locations year-round, the feel most fitting for the holiday season. They’re thin but not dry or brittle, and instead are ultra-chewy, with the perfect balance of sweet and spice, and plenty of buttery goodness. They are good enjoyed any which way – warm, cold, or at room temperature, as a morning, mid-day, afternoon or evening snack. Continue Reading

Holiday Cookie Series 2012

Holiday Decorated Sugar Cookies

No Comments 17 December 2012

I think above all others, decorated sugar cookies are the quintessential holiday cookie. Cut into seasonal shapes – gingerbread men, Christmas trees, snowflakes and more – and decked out in bright reds and greens, there is no cookie that better represents this season. I’m generally not a big sugar cookie fan, but around the holidays I can’t get enough of them! They represent a time of year and a season that is very merry and beloved.

Holiday Decorated Sugar Cookies

The recipe we used for these cookies has a great flavor – super buttery, not too sweet, and crispy but not brittle. If you cook them a bit less, they stay ever so slightly soft in the centers, which is my personal preference. Unlike some sugar cookie recipes, they spread a bit when baking, so they don’t have perfectly defined borders – more soft edges. That’s definitely a feature I love about them! Continue Reading

Cocktails, Winter Cocktail Series 2012

Rumple Minze Holiday Cocktails

No Comments 11 December 2012

We’re back with another installment of our holiday cocktail series! This time featuring the peppermint liquor Rumple Minze, per the suggestion of one of my favorite area bartenders. After all, there’s little better than a boozy beverage to get you through the long, cold winter nights, right?!

This week’s cocktail inspiration comes from the fantastic John L Mayer (not to be confused with the singer) from Local 149 in South Boston. He’s the bar manager at the popular neighborhood spot, and is seriously one of the most genuine, enthusiastic, and awesome guys I’ve ever encountered behind the bar. When we had the idea for this cocktail series, I knew I had to get his input.

Rumple Minze Holiday Cocktails

Alessi Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker with Alessi Glasses and an Alessi Tray

He immediately suggested a series of super-simple cocktail “recipes” using the Rumple Minze – his “guilty pleasure.” The boozy peppermint liquor is the perfect addition to any minty holiday cocktail recipes. As John put it, Rumple Minze is “Peppermint and boozy enough to help deal with family!” All 3 variations used an even mix of Rumple Minze with other spirits – bourbon, anejo tequila, and Fernet Branca.

Rumple Minze Holiday Cocktails

For John’s first cocktail, the “Snowshoe,” you mix 1.5oz each of bourbon (he recommends Eagle Rare) and Rumple Minze. He recommends this drink be  served over crushed ice with a big mint sprig and straw. Pictured above and to the right, we served it in a new Alessi Orseggi Whiskey glass.

For his tequila variation, “Snow Falling on Jalisco,” you simply substitute añejo tequila for bourbon (pictured below, to the left). And last but not least, for the favorite Local 149 variation – “Black Santa” – you use equal parts Rumple Minze and Fernet Branca (not pictured here).

Rumple Minze Holiday Cocktails

Alessi Orseggi Whiskey Glass with the Snowshoe cocktail

We gladly whipped these up for our photo shoot – and made sure to give them a try, as well. I hadn’t previously tried Rumple Minze, but I can safely say is is extremely minty and deceivingly strong. It’s slightly syrupy and very sweet, which masks the boozyness of these cocktails, making them a rather potent libation. But, if you’re a mint fan, I encourage you to give them a try!

Rumple Minze Holiday Cocktails

Do you have a favorite holiday libation?

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