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Fall Cocktail Series 2011

Cocktail #2: Pink Ribbon

No Comments 06 October 2011

By Hairee Lee

Pink Ribbon in (and on) Orrefors Balans Martini Glass

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Last Saturday, October 1, marked the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This Saturday, October 8, Dinner Series hosts an afternoon tea fundraising event in support of National Breast Cancer Association.

Absolutely beautiful to behold, sweet without any of the heat, and dangerous if underestimated for its power. Sounds like a fabulous female, no?

With this great charity on our minds, the 2nd cocktail of the Fall Cocktail Series 2011 is called Pink Ribbon. Continue Reading

Summer Cocktail Series 2011

End-of-summer cocktail #2: Adam Stemmler’s Father, Son & Holy Ghost

No Comments 22 September 2011

By Hairee Lee


And Hallelujah for this drink. I’m not the biggest fan of complicated cocktails especially ones that require me chop a lot and stand in front of a stove, straining and cooling. And then muddling and straining some more. Good Lord. To make a cold beverage? Puleez. And perhaps I say that I would make this drink again because I’m not the one who made it in the first place.

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Summer Cocktail Series 2011

Cocktail #10: Aviation

No Comments 08 September 2011

By Hairee Lee.

Pop This Cherry

In last Sunday’s STUFF Boston magazine, Luke ONeil quoted Chris Jamison, co-owner of Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in Boston, in his article, “Glam glasses”:

“Presentation is everything, from the color scheme and glassware to the overall appearance.”

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Summer Cocktail Series 2011

Cocktail #8: Martini (& Gibson)

No Comments 25 August 2011

By Hairee Lee

My Love of Gin Has It’s Limits

But, you might ask, isn’t the martini a perennial cocktail? Why on the Summer Cocktail Series? Isn’t it one that’s just as appealing in the middle of winter as it is in the summer?

For me it has to do with oysters and oyster festivals that all happen in late summer. And oysters are often paired with this classic beverage.

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