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Summer Salad with Roasted Veggies and Peaches

No Comments 13 August 2012

With the same 10lbs of utility peaches that produced the Peach Cobbler Cupcakes we shared last week, I made this vibrant roasted vegetable and peach summer salad. I’m sure you can tell after a quick glance that this dish features beets – with that gorgeous vibrant Cabernet color, they make for a stunning bowl of food! Often root vegetables are associated with the winter months, for their heartiness and suitability to be slow roasted in the oven, but this dish does a wonderful job showcasing summer root vegetables alongside peaches, a surprising contrast that works really well together.

This salad starts with Israeli couscous – I used an Israeli couscous blend that worked wonderfully. Quinoa or farro would likely work as well. The veggies are roasted (beets and carrots), the peaches are diced, the feta is crumbled and the herbs (thyme and chives) are finely chopped. When each component is done, you toss them all together, watching each ingredient turn some hue of beet red, and dive right in! This is a wonderfully refreshing summer dish, full of fresh produce, nutrients, and some hearty carbs. I served this salad just a bit cooler than room temperature, and it really hit the spot. Continue Reading

Dinner 19: In Anticipation of Summer Barbecues

At Jim and Page’s Table

No Comments 11 May 2012

summer farm table with simon pearce hampton stemware and pillivuyt sancerre

The Dinner Series is back! After a recent and uncanny streak of warm weather here in boston we threw our first dinner in a while, returning to one of our favorite venues–the beautiful Cambridge home of our friends Jim & Page. (We’ve been there before for Dinner 11: French Garden Dinner and Dinner 8.) Their beautifully decorated oak paneled dining room opens up onto their manicured garden patio, making it the perfect setting for a casual dinner party that anticipates the fairer weather of late spring and summer. Continue Reading

Special Edition Cocktails

Single Serving Eggnog

No Comments 23 December 2011

eggnog served in simon pearce norwich beakerSure, eggnog is a holiday tradition, but so is fruit cake. Personally, I’ve always liked it, but if that many people really loved eggnog, I think we’d see cartons of the non-alcoholic stuff for sale year round. Most people tend to prefer their alcohol without raw eggs and in my experience, punch bowls, pitchers, and non-alcoholic cartons largely go untouched at Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. This is all not to say that eggnog doesn’t have it’s devotees, those who love its sweet, creamy taste and frothy texture, and who couldn’t imagine Christmas without it. But this is the minority.

If you’re entertaining this weekend, let me caution you against putting out an entire punch bowl of homemade eggnog in an attempt to either please the few or project a guise of being traditional. The majority of your guests will thank you for something lighter like punch, champagne cocktails, or beer, wine & basic spirits.

Eggnog is a drink best made to order. Mixing it immediately before serving in individual portions keeps it colder, frothier, and saves eggs, milk, and booze from your drain pipes. Here’s a quick recipe for a single glass of eggnog that you can mix up for Uncle Chuck, or whomever wants it this Christmas. We served ours in a Simon Pearce Norwich Beaker, Simon Pearce’s curvaceous spin on an old fashioned glass. Like all Simon Pearce barware, it’s a substantial piece of glass that’s a pleasure to drink out of because of its weight and clarity. Continue Reading

Fall Cocktail Series 2011

A Holiday Guide to Champagne Cocktails

No Comments 01 December 2011

champagne flutes by Simon Pearce, Kosta Boda, Schott Zwiesel, and Orrefors

If your family is anything like mine, you don’t have to wait until New Year’s to enjoy some Champagne. For us, Christmas always comes with gift boxed bottles of Veuve Clicquot–they’re the only presents we’re allowed to open early. Cool, refreshing mimosas tend to make everything on Christmas morning–from ironing tablecloths to cleaning up wrapping paper–a little more cheerful.

We pulled together a couple of our favorite Champagne flutes for a quick photo shoot with two of our favorite champagne cocktails, well three if you count plain Champagne. Continue Reading

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