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Dinner 23: Thanksgiving with the Dinner Series Crew, Dinners

Dinner 23: Thanksgiving with the Dinner Series Crew

No Comments 19 November 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving Dinner Series style, with our team at Didriks and Local Root. We went all out with a turkey and numerous sides for a wonderful feast. We set the table with merchandise from Didriks, settling on a subtle harvest theme which seemed well suited to the Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving with the Dinner Series Crew

Our place settings were inspired by Libeco Home table linens. We picked a color palate that was reminiscent of the harvest, soft, warm hues that gave the table a relaxed feel. Continue Reading

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7 Simple Steps to Planning a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

No Comments 12 November 2012

Often times we’ll find ourselves up before dawn on Thanksgiving morning, rushing around to knock items off a mile long to-do list, with company coming in 5 hours and a turkey that’s still half-frozen. Sound familiar? It’s no secret that Thanksgiving can be a great big hassle, full of unnecessary stress and less-than-stellar moods for all those hosting. It’s a shame, because in those instances, the true meaning of the day gets lost and you can’t savor that special time with your loved ones.

To help ease the stress and make this day a bit more manageable, we’ve created a list of 7 simple planning steps to do ahead of time. That way, when your guests arrive, you can pull up a seat right along with them, and enjoy a day full of relaxation and the company of those most important to you. Continue Reading

Dinner 17: Thanksgiving in Union Square

Thanksgiving with the Dinner Series Family

1 Comment 23 November 2011

thanksgiving champagne toast with schott zwiesel pure champagne flute

Last year, for Dinner 6, we endeavored to home cook our pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner. Laura’s menu included a first course of Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, followed by a delicious roasted turkey (read about her brining technique here) with Apple and Onion Stuffing Muffins, Peas with Shallots and Pancetta, mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables. Everything was a success. Continue Reading

Dinner 6: Thanksgiving

The Perfectly Delicious Dinner

No Comments 01 December 2010

Contributed by Hairee Lee

table with simon pearce cavendish dinnerware, corinth wine glasses, chilewich mats, match pewter, and libeco home linen

Our Table: Simon Pearce Cavendish dinnerware and Corinth wine glasses, Libeco Home Vence tablecloth and Fjord tablerunner, and David Mellor Classic flatware

This November, in observation of the holiday, we decided to put together a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving for some friends, before the in-laws show up. View more photos on our Flickr, read the recipes, or read more about the table setting.

Thanksgiving: the most American of holidays. More than the Fourth of July even, because it’s more personally ritualized, rooted in familial tradition. It’s a conspicuous marker for many American’s individual histories and their annual schedules—the temporal and spatial orientation of their lives, and a reminder of their mortality. And what better way to celebrate these bonds of love and the past and our hopes for the future than to sit and eat together, almost as if you’re taking into your belly love and past and hope to digest and make into a part of your material self? But I digress.

This Thanksgiving dinner takes place at Andrea’s beautiful home. Andrea, a writing instructor at Harvard University, completely renovated the previous “crap hole” of a house. Where there used to be black encrusted floors, now lie gorgeous wooden floors the color of a fine cognac. Where the ceilings were lowered, the original vault ceilings have been restored. The rooms are sparingly furnished with pieces carefully chosen and deeply personal. Like her dining table from William Henry Furniture, Andrea’s first piece of furniture that is entirely her own, not something passed down by relatives or picked up second hand. But rather something she found, chose, and brought into her home. It means, for Andrea, a declaration of independence. Her home. The size and its central location in her house gives it a symbolic resonance that is the perfect (secular) alter for giving thanks.

Continue Reading

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