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Dinner 11: French Garden Dinner, Wine & Beer

The Wines: Burgundies (and last minute Californians)

No Comments 25 July 2011

By Hairee Lee

The wines for this event are suggestions from Daniel Comerford, owner of The Wine and Cheese Cask.

For those of you not in the know, The Wine and Cheese Cask is located on the north west corner of Beacon and Washington Street in Somerville, has the best selection of French wines I know of in this city, and a cheese1 fridge that yanks mercilessly at your olfactory organ the moment you walk into the store. I am delighted and not surprised by the two wines Daniel recommended: a red rully by Domaine Anne et Jean-François Delorme (2009) and a chardonnay by Theirry & Pascal Matrot (2009), both from the Burgundy Region. I makes me think of my favorite wine, a red burgundy from Saint Etienne. I don’t know the vintage because by the time I realized maybe I should take note of it, I was too drunk.

We drank both of these wines from the brand new Schott Zwiesel (pronounced “shots veesle”) Diva Claret Burgundy glasses a volume capacity2 that exceeds a bottle of wine. It’s enormous, great for full bodied reds like rully from Burgundy, because it lets the wine breath. And plus you can fit the entire lower half of your face inside the rim for the full olfactory experience before sipping.

But the four bottles Jonathan purchased from Daniel weren’t enough between the six of us. So Jim and Page opened up a couple of bottles from their own wine rack: one was Goldeneye Anderson Valley Pinot Noir 2006, Jim’s favorite, and the other Dominus Estate Napanook Red Wine Napa Valley 2007.

I tried both. Of course. It’s my job, after all. And they were a nice counterpoint to the French red. How to describe it? Truth is, I hate talking about wine. Bold, oaky, berry, round, full, firm, tight, gains velocity and depth, rich, fine, lush, molten density–what the hell are they talking about when they use adjectives like this? It’s either tasty or not tasty to me. I can go so far as to say sweet or dry, light or heavy. So I will say that the reds from California were heavier and dry and very very tasty.

  1. A great selection of the non-pasteurized cheeses that I discovered and came to love while I was in France many years ago and ate cheese every single day. []
  2. 28.4 ounces, to be exact, equivalent to 840mL. []

Dinner 10: Seaside Supper, Wine & Beer

The Wines for Seafood Supper

No Comments 06 July 2011

By Hairee Lee

In our latest dinner, seafood was the featured protein. When Rodrigo Lenzi, the wine consultant at Cambridge Wine & Spirits, was shown the menu, he made these suggestions and gave Melissa and I quick education on these summer wines.

This was the first time I’ve ever talked to a wine consultant. I highly recommend visiting the Cambridge Wine & Spirits and talking to Rod (or another wine consultant if he’s not around although he was very informative and patient) when trying to choose the best wine for your meals. Based on your taste and budget, you’ll get some excellent suggestions.

It’s quicker than hemming and hawing over the enormous selection of wines in the store and floundering over the labels for some clue as to what would be good when a clue is what you haven’t got.

Plus you walk out with great wines and a little more know-how.

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Dinner 9: Bunker Hill Supper

Bunker Hill Supper

No Comments 29 June 2011

The apartment belongs to the family of the host and cocktail enthusiast, Drew. Located directly beside Bunker Hill in Charlestown, the building’s rooftop patio offers one of the most spectacular views of Boston: full view of the obelisk, the city skyline, Zakim Bridge beside the TD Center draped in the Bruins flag, the Boston Navy Yard with the USS Constitution as majestic as ever. Panoramic, and uber historical.

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Dinner 9: Bunker Hill Supper

A Brief Education on Contemporary Wines with the English Butler

No Comments 29 June 2011

Written by Hairee Lee

The wines we enjoyed during the Bunker Hill Supper for the Didriks Dinner Series were selected by Maureen Rubino, one of the four owners of Central Bottle in Cambridge, a wine shop born out of passion for wine and conceived during their trip to Florence (their story can be found here).

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